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RestylaneHand Rejuvenation

Shaking hands is often your introduction to new people, and is your first chance to make an impression. Unfortunately, as we age, our hands age as well, due both to natural changes and ultraviolet damage. These changes make our hands appear discolored, thin, and frail; not exactly the first impression we want to make.

At South End Dermatology & Skin Care, our physicians are experts at helping to reverse the signs of the aging process. We use products such as Restylane and Juvederm to replace the hyaluronic acid and collagen volume that has been lost in the hands. The results are refilled and redefined hands, which cover up unsightly veins, ligaments, and bones. We also use multiple laser technologies to reverse the brown and red spots on your hands, completing the rejuvenation! These treatments are performed easily in our office, require only a short office visit, and best of all, result in minimal or no downtime.

Your hands represent you, and South End Dermatology & Skin Care wants to help you and your hands project the perfect first impression.  Make an appointment today by calling us at (857) 362 7330 to talk with one of our physician consultants about rejuvenating your hands.